Tumbling Class Descriptions

Beginner Tumble  –  This is a class is designed for beginner tumblers. Introductory to tumbling positions, drills, and movements such as tuck, straddle, bridge, handstand, forward roll, cartwheel, round off and back handspring along with some strengthening and flexibility. A student will begin to develop a basic comprehension of a standing back handspring. Proper form and technique is stressed regardless of age and is required to move up in level.Ga Xtreme Tumble Classes

Intermediate Tumble   –  Students must be able to perform a standing and round-off series back handsprings by themselves with good form. This class focuses on learning how to jump and set high, to use proper tuck form, to perform a standing and round-off back handspring back tucks.

Advanced Tumble –  Must be able to perform a round-off back handspring. This class focuses on the proper technique and strength necessary to execute a back tuck , high, tight and full-twisting layout.  This class also focus on the standing tuck. This class is designed for advanced tumblers who can perform multiple back handsprings with good form on their own as a warm-up.

Mommy & Me

This class allows children to build endurance, motor skills, flexibility, coordination, social skills, balance, strength, and confidence. We will lead you and your child through obstacles that teach basic gymnastics skills along with developing stronger gross motor skills in both group and individual stations. This is also a great transition into our tumble tots classes. The class also provides an excellent opportunity for your little one to gain social skills and become acclimate to a class setting.

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of every month.  Late fees will be posted on the 10th.  If your child is enrolled in a class, then tuition is due whether your child attends class or not.  If you no longer wish to be enrolled, you must cancel your child’s place.

Make – Up Classes

If you are unable to attend your regular scheduled class, make-up classes are available.  You must email (gatumbleandcheer@gmail.com) to schedule your make up classes.  You may only make up 1 class per month.

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy states that you must submit written notice 2 weeks prior to the month you are cancelling.  You must receive acknowledgement of cancellation.

As an alternative to a monthly reserved spot commitment, we offer a “Drop-In” program for $20.00 per class.  Keep in mind this is subject to class size and availability and payment is due the day of class.

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